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Zoned Heating

How can it benefit me?

By dividing the heating from upstairs and downstairs in your property it gives you the option of having a lower temperature upstairs than downstairs, reducing heating costs by up to 30% on average. You will often find that the upstairs will not run at all due to heat from the downstairs rising through the property.

How does it work?

We split the pipe work from upstairs and downstairs, and add an extra programmable room stat and a pump, or a zone valve. By doing this you can have upstairs heating turn on in the morning before the downstairs, or vice-versa. Also you can seperate the bathroom, so that you will have a constantly warm bathroom, controlled by a TRV valve.

Is it suitable for every property?

Most properties can have this fitted, but it depends on the original pipe layout, as there may be considerable changes required to do this. If you have solar hot water installed we can use an independant radiator for a heat dump during the summer and we can blend the solar so that the radiator doesn't get too hot.

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