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Viridian Roof Integration Solar  Integrated PV Panels

the sleek looking design of the Viridian solar panels are good choice when if comes down to aesthetic and discreet looking roof integration solar PV & Solar thermal panels, Viridian solar Fusion PV panel come in various Kwp range and suitable for all roofing types of tiles. Panels can be arranged in any configuration even around velux window. The solar flashing sits in a rubber gasket making a water tight seal and bottom flashing has a self-sealing tape so no need to use any type of adhesive. What we like about this system is that it is fast to install, no extra roof battens are needed and the aesthetic look. PV Roof integration system are getting more popular with planning consent for new build properties  as a requirement under code for sustainable homes. Solar Fusion PV systems may be a bit more expensive than a standard on roof system but this outweighs the extra cost for tiling under the PV panels,plus will stop vermin from living under the solarpanels so no extra cost for using unsighty mesh around the PV array. The solar Fusion can now be installed in both landscape and portrait configuration


Bells Lane School
Bell Lane School
Viridian Fusion Landscape
Viridian Solar PV Landscape
St John New Build
St John New Market
Viridian In-roof System
Century House

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