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Solar Thermal Systems

Solar hot water systems are the application that will provide you with hot water by installation of solar panels, a twin coil cylinder and a controller. They can be installed on most domestic properties, starting from 2.5sqm for heating 160 litres of hot water. The panels are either evacuated tube or flat plate collector. A solar hot water system can provide up to 70% of your hot water needs during the summer months, totalling 30% of your energy bill.

Ample Energy ServicesA solar thermal system can also contribute to your heating in your property by the use of a thermal store, and is ideal for under floor heating. A large thermal store can provide 100% of your hot water and 60% of your heating bill.

A solar thermal system can be used for district heating, which means that the energy produced by the panels is stored large thermal store and the distrbuted between the properties, and ideal for apartment blocks. Individual metering can be installed in each property for the landlords use.

Ample Energy ServicesSolar thermal systems can be used for low gradient fresh hygenic hot water, working in the same way as a combi boiler. It does not use any stored water and it eliminates any fear of legionella or bacteria build up.

A solar thermal system efficiency is about 47% which in turn is the most popular renewable energy chosen in the world.

It can also be used as a heat recovery for ground source heat pumps.

All products supplied or installed by Ample Energy Services meet the requirements of the MCS scheme. Contact us for a free no obligation survey and quotation.

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