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District Heating FAQ's
 I am a Landlord with multi-person dwellings, can I have a system to benefit me?

2500L Buffer Store  for 250 FlatsIf each apartment has its own heating source then this cannot be done for communal hot water/heating.

If it has a centralised boiler system then it can be done. Depending of the volume of water that is stored within the boiler room in some instances there 150sqm flate Plate Collectorsmay be no need to change the calorifiers, we can install plate heat exchangers to transfer the heat to the calorifiers from the solar. there is also a purpose made stratification charging module which come in various sizes, SLM50 for domestic home up to SLM225 for large collector arrays. SLM means solar loading module. The number represents how manysqm of solar collector it is compatible with. Each of the apartments will have some sort of metering system for the 500L Expansion Tank with a 200sqm Stratifide Solar Pumping Stationusage of hot water or you can install apartment block stations by running a two pipe system. If you require more information on these systems please feel free to contact us.